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Business and Commercial Law
Joshua Fine’s business and commercial law practice is as diverse as our clients and the industries they represent.  Notwithstanding this diversity, we have found that all businesses, whether corporate or otherwise, require the same fundamental elements in order to be successful, and they also need cost-effective, accessible, responsive, creative, and adaptable counsel.  Joshua Fine specializes in counseling start up, emerging, small, and mid-sized businesses.  We work with our business, commercial, and corporate clients every step of the way from formation to the sale of the company, and everything in between. Because small businesses are the lifeblood of our practice, the financial success of our clients is truly our number one concern.  More often than not, we serve as outside general counsel for our corporate, business, and commercial clients, however, we are also retained to work in conjunction with in-house counsel or general counsel on individual matters.
Our non-corporate practice involves the representation of family-run businesses, sole proprietorships, and general partnerships.  We work closely with these business and commercial clients, taking an active role in the development and mechanics of their operations.  The firm counsels on creating business plans, contract negotiations as well as review and drafting, partnership agreements, operational logistics, intellectual property registration and protection, collecting accounts receivable, negotiations with creditors, insurance, permits, leasing and real property transactions, purchase and sale of assets, and employment matters.
While our corporate practice includes counseling clients in many of the same areas as our non-corporate clients, our corporate practice also focuses on the selection and formation of entities—whether they be limited partnerships (LPs), limited liability companies (LLCs), limited liability partnerships (LLPs), C corporations, S corporations, professional corporations, non-profit organizations (NPOs), closely-held corporations, or otherwise— preserving the liability shield by implementing and maintaining corporate formalities, governmental compliance, securities issuances, tax strategies, investor relations, financing, compensation packages, buy-sell agreements, exit strategies, and much more. 
From hard experience, we know that it is the management team that makes or breaks a company, not necessarily the quality or even the desirability of the product or service.  Therefore, we work diligently with our clients to strengthen and improve the human assets of their companies, which in turn can often improve the quality of the companies’ products or services.  Due to our deep knowledge of marketing, branding, and public relations we are often able to assist our clients in improving their market position and corporate or business image, leading to increased commercial success. 
We at The Law Offices of Joshua M. Fine execute the wills of our clients’ to the letter, but we also challenge our clients to do more, go further, and innovate.  We ask the right questions and consistently motivate our clients so that together we identify ways to cut costs, attract investment, improve cash flow, land more clients and customers, maximize advertising dollars, motivate employees, and build better infrastructures.


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