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Intellectual Property Law
Joshua Fine represents businesses and individuals with respect to all manner of copyright and trademark matters, as well as specific patent transactions, both here in the United States and abroad.  We also handle industry-specific intellectual property registrations, such as registering screenplays, treatments, and scripts with the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA).  The firm handles the drafting and filing of copyright and trademark applications both domestically and internationally, seeing the application through all stages of the registration process, including extension(s), revision(s), appeal(s), challenge(s), statement of use, and cancellation request(s).  In addition, we negotiate consent agreements for both senior and junior applicants and/or IP owners, we handle domestic and international trademark, copyright and patent licensing transactions, and the purchase and sale of intellectual property, including patents. 
Our intellectual property practice spans numerous industries and countries, and is growing steadily.  This comes as no surprise to the firm as intellectual property is one of the most important assets in modern business; indeed, it is often the single most valuable asset owned by an individual or company.  Now more than ever, it is crucial that clients maximize the value of their IP, leverage that IP correctly, and generate revenue from their IP in every manner available.  Whether a client needs to generate cash quickly, finds itself with superfluous IP, sees an opportunity to move into a new direction, is looking for a way to add a new product or service to its existing business, or license third-party IP, Joshua Fine can assist. 


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