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Landlord-Tenant Law
Joshua Fine represents both landlords and tenants with respect to leases, subleases, evictions, negotiations, and housing disputes.  California’s landlord-tenant laws can be complex and any false move, whether intentional or innocent, can destroy a cause of action or subject an individual to liability, including penalties.  This is especially true in cases involving rent-controlled buildings. 
For landlords, we can assist in enforcing covenants and leases, evicting tenants, negotiating terms, and increasing rents.  For tenants, we can help terminate leases and/or acquire deposit refunds, obtain necessary repairs, evict problematic roommates, and negotiate advantageous lease terms.  Although an attorney cannot represent a client (whether it be a landlord or tenant) before a small claims court, Joshua Fine counsels clients throughout the small claims process in order to fully prepare the client to enter small claims court and successfully advocate his or her rights. 


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