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Mediation & Arbitration Proceedings

While it is unfortunate, there are times when contracts are breached and/or torts are committed, and it becomes necessary to initiate or defend a legal claim.  Unless there is a compelling reason to omit a mediation & arbitration clause, most business contracts contain such a clause because arbitration and especially mediation are far less expensive and far faster than resorting to the courts for relief. 

Mediation and arbitration require diligent preparation, a substantive understanding of the statutory and case law, skillful negotiation, and persuasive advocacy.  The attorneys of Joshua Fine have successfully resolved numerous contentious matters over the years, several on the eve of trial.  Joshua Fine seeks to make the adversarial process as fast and efficient as possible because we know that time is money.  Our clients are better served attending to their core business, not bogged down in legal proceedings.  However, when mediation or arbitration is required, Joshua Fine aggressively and effectively prosecutes our clients’ causes of action or defends our clients from plaintiffs’ claims.  When attorneys fees’ are available to the prevailing party the stakes are even higher, and that is where our deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and industries so crucially comes into play. 


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